Why Roman Abramovich May Not Be Able To Return To Russia After Selling Chelsea Revealed

Roman Abramovich might not be able to return to his home country after completing the sale of Chelsea, the Daily Mail reports.

When he confirmed that he was going to sell the club, the Russian said in a statement that he will set up a foundation that would ‘be for the benefit of all victims of the war in Ukraine’.

While he did not mention which side of the conflict the foundation would be helping, the mere fact that Abramovich described it as a ‘war’ might put him in danger in Russia.

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Over there, the parliament introduced a law against the spreading of ‘fake news’. According to them, it is forbidden to refer to the situation in Ukraine as a war or an invasion.

As a result, Abramovich could face jail time for merely calling things for what they are.

As a reminder, the Chelsea owner still faces the threat of UK sanctions too for alleged close ties with Vladimir Putin.

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