8 High Paying Jobs in Quebec City

A constant inflow of future income is usually a key factor to take into account while deciding on a professional path. To be able to afford the lifestyle you desire, you probably want to get a career that will pay well. If you reside in Quebec City, you have a wide range of choices.


The city of Quebec is home to several thriving companies, including those linked to technology, medicine, and other digital and media jobs. We’ve included a list of some of the high paying jobs in Quebec City in this guide.

Electrical/Electronics engineer

Average Hourly Pay: $28 to $67.03

Basic Requirement:

  • A university degree or a certificate in electrical or electronic engineering is required education.
  • It is also required to be a member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec in order to practice engineering in that province. Laws govern engineers, and only registered engineers are permitted to practice in the province.

Planning, creating, supervising, and directing the creation of electrical items or infrastructure is the responsibility of electrical engineers. Similar duties are carried out by electronic engineers while creating electrical items.

Among the high paying jobs in Quebec, these two occupations are in demand from businesses that provide lighting services, telecommunications businesses, educational institutions, private power distributors, manufacturers, aerospace businesses, manufacturers, and engineering businesses, among others. The Canadian military services and organizations like Hydro Quebec also need engineers in these domains.

Technician in Civil Engineering

Average Hourly Pay: $20 to $50.51

Basic Requirement:

  • The needed education is a Diplôme d’études collégiales in Civil Engineering Technology. A program in English is also available.

A regional association will accredit you as a civil engineering technician after 2 years of supervised experience.

For scientists, engineers, and other professionals, civil engineering technicians offer assistance and technical services. For this position among the high paying jobs in Quebec, you may work in a variety of engineering fields, including geotechnical engineering, environmental protection, highway engineering, structural engineering, construction site management, and municipal engineering.

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In addition to other governmental or industrial sectors, they are frequently hired by engineering and consulting firms, building corporations, public transportation and service organizations, and other businesses.

IT Professional

Average Hourly Pay: $20 to $47

Basic Requirement:

A college degree or equivalent training in network administration, computer technology, or a similar profession is often required for IT technicians.

Some businesses demand that technicians have software development training or certification.

The information technology services that a business manages are operated, secured, optimized, and updated by IT professionals. They provide technical help for system users and therefore must find solutions to system-related issues.

IT professionals as one of the high paying jobs in Quebec City, are employed by all kinds of companies with technological infrastructure.

Early Childhood Educator

Average Hourly Pay: $14.50 to $25.25

Basic Requirement:

To become an early childhood educator, there are several pathways one can take.

  • A bachelor’s degree in child development or a Diplôme d’études collégiales – Technique d’éducation à l’enfance are also alternatives.
  • AECs in methods of early childhood education are also available.

Typically, provincial or territorial associations need accreditation for early childhood educators.

Early childhood educators support children’s learning and socialization in addition to provide basic childcare. They contribute significantly to the growth of young children. In this position, you will assist kids in their daily experiences and endeavors.

You may work for school boards, child care facilities, for-profit daycares, youth facilities, summer camps, and other organizations.

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Average Hourly Pay: $22.15 to $40.86 (depending on the collective agreements)

Basic Requirement:

  • A Diplôme d’études professionnelles – Charpenterie-menuiserie (DEP of 1350 hours) is necessary for this specialization.
  • English-language instruction is also provided.

Generally speaking, among the high paying jobs in Quebec city, the training program for this occupation is offered throughout Quebec.

Carpenters are in charge of constructing, putting together, installing, and fixing any wooden parts of a structure, such as the roof, stairs, walls, floors, and exteriors.

Carpenters who opt not to operate as freelancers may find employment with building companies, remodelling companies, businesses that create cabinets, doors, and windows, companies that make prefabricated homes, and companies that provide or distribute building supplies.


Average Hourly Pay: $36.59 and $40.19

Basic Requirement:

  • A Diplôme d’études professionnelles – Soudage-Montage (DEP of 1800 hours) is necessary for training.

In general, this training is provided in all of Quebec’s regions and is also taught in English.

Metal components that are utilized in the production of metal goods are repaired, cut, formed, assembled, weld, and modified by welders. Metal industrial buildings and other items are constructed using a variety of welding processes.

In addition to working for producers, airlines, seaports, welding workshops, navy yards, and industrial corporations, welders may also find employment with organizations like Hydro Quebec, aerospace firms, and others.

Digital Media Specialist

Average Hourly Pay: $20.75 – $51.28

Basic Requirement:

  • A Diplôme d’études collégiales – Techniques de l’informatique or a Diplôme d’études collégiales – Techniques d’intégration multimédia are both required in Quebec.
  • Additionally, a university degree can be earned in visual arts, communications, information technology engineering, or IT construction.
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To run websites, video games, movie special effects, and other interactive media, programmers write, alter, integrate, and test code.

Among the high paying jobs in Quebec, in this position you will frequently work for IT consulting firms, software development businesses, or the IT divisions of private or public businesses.

Nursing Assistant / Patient Support Staff

Average Hourly Pay: $14 to $22.50

Basic Requirement:

  • After many years of secondary school, it is also necessary to finish a nursing assistant course at a university or private training facility.
  • There are also other college degree programs in nursing that may or may not be required, depending on the job role and location.

These nursing team members work with auxiliary nurses as medical assistants. They offer fundamental healthcare services to people of all ages who are ill or disabled in public, private, and community groups. Patients are assisted in rising in the morning, eating, and going to bed. Patients receive the proper care while having their integrity and dignity respected.

Long-term care institutions, psychiatric hospitals, and private homes for the disabled may all recruit assistants. Patient support employees are also employed by complex care institutions, rehabilitation facilities, and non-profit groups.


In Quebec, a skilled labor shortage is projected to endure for the near future, with certain industries being more negatively impacted than others. You should consider any of these career paths if you have lost your work and are searching for a new employment or thinking about starting a new career path. These high paying jobs represent the most in-demand positions in Quebec right now, and they also provide excellent employment possibilities for the future.


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